Kodak Dreams

cropped-photo.jpgThey’re not even digital.  I recycle like its my job.  Not water bottles, though I try.  Photos of my mom.  The pictures of pictures I post on these milestone days year after year.  It kills me that not one of them is digital.  Its been that long now.  The supply is so limited and I’m so young I hardly recognize that innocent girl who believed everything would always be ok.

For those of you lucky enough to be with your moms today, give her an extra hug from me, and from all of us who know the bittersweet taste of this day in the wake of the deepest sadness I have ever known.

My own children are the balm of course.  They are the only remedy for the emptiness I feel today.  They fill me up and make me whole in a way nothing else can.  I have the sheer joy of their smiles and for that I am grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day.  Seize the power of that life force we all know in our maternal bones.  Give thanks and know its the source of our strength as women.  The love of our mothers, and for those of us with kids, the love we have for our own.  We have that gift, we know what it is to have our hearts outside our bodies, walking around in these perfect little creatures.

Hug her for me.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Beautiful post. Hugs to you and “the guys”!

    xoxo “Miss” Karin ________________________________

  2. Happy Mother’s Day Amy! Lots of love to you and your beautiful mom in heaven. Xo Kristen

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  3. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing Amy. Extra hugs on your behalf and sending you much love

  4. Käraste Amy! Tack för Ditt fina brev. Jag tänker ofta på Dig pojkarna och Gerry och inte minst på Eva. Som Du nog har förstått hade vi jätteroligt och trevlig tillsammans under alla år. Jag saknar henne, men är tacksam för all glädje hon gav oss alla. Av hela hjärtat hälsar vi Er Alla Och förblir Era tillgivna Gösta och Christina

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