The birds and the bees part two…

Colt's To Do List for Universal
Colt’s To Do List for Universal

Scene: Bedtime.  Colt, Lucca and I piled into Lucca’s bed to read a story.  Upon finishing I asked Colt for a good night hug before he alighted the steps to his upper bunk.  It was the bear hug variety, with a noogie a thrown in for good measure on my part.

Colt: Mom!  I almost touched it when you were tickling and torturing me!

Me: Touched what?

Colt:  Your penis.

Me:  I don’t have one Colton. I am a girl not a boy.

Colt: Fine then, your Furgina.

Me: (stifling snickers) That’s not what it’s called Colton.

Colt: (exasperated) OK! Your VIRGINIA!


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