Tonight my wishes are of health.  For you, for me, for all of us.

My mom was a superstitious woman.  Some of them were silly (no keys on the table) and some very hard to stick to (never compare hands).  I compare hands all the time since mine are of the rare variety and people like proof that I have the longest fingers you’ve ever seen. (It’s true).

My favorite by far was her New Year’s Eve one.

At the stroke of midnight, you are to bite into an apple.  In return for your efforts you will enjoy good health in the coming year.

I am fanatical about this, and if my family and I are not together on December 31, I call and text and harass until they assure me that they have apple in hand, locked and loaded.  The way I see it it can’t hurt, and really what else matters more than your health?

Do it tonight.

For 2015, I am planning on adopting Colt’s life philosophy.  He is wise beyond his seven years in so many ways, but he is so seven in the best way.

Let’s go.


  1. Naturligtvis äter vi oxå äpplen det måste vara det första man äter på det nya året.
    Sarah, Andreas och tre söta flickor åt var sitt äpple i morse. Mamma höll hårt på det!!
    One applel a day……..
    Gott Nytt År till er alla
    Moster Lena

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