decisions, decisions


Me: “Colt, Lucca, let’s talk about what we want to do while we are in Sweden this summer.”

Boys: “Ok mom.  Ok.”

Me:  “They have sailing camp, skateboarding camp, tennis, riding, art, soccer.  Which ones do you think you might like to do?  Colton?”

Colton: “Skateboarding for sure mom!  Tennis too.  But totally skateboarding.  Can Cedric do it with me???”

Me: “Yes.  He can if he wants to.  Those sound like great choices.  Lucca, how about you?”

Lucca:  “Hmmmm.”

Me: “None of them?”

Lucca pauses, then I could see by the look on his face he had no doubt about his conclusion.

“I just want to go to VIKING camp!!!”

Of course he does.


    1. 🙂 Yes, though the last thing I need is for him to hone is raiding and pillaging skills. He’s a natural already. Lol.

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