The Birds and the Bees

Every so often I try to read the boys ‘body awareness’ books.  Nothing too sexy, but just ‘these are your privates, and they are special” kind of jazz.  Maybe its the Swede in me, but I am very open with my children about their bodies and the proper names of things etc.  Not that I bring it up other than on these periodic occasions, but if they ask I try to answer truthfully (in an age appropriate way of course.)  So tonight we were reading Amazing You! and there was a page which asked if you had a silly name for your private parts.  Colton answered happily “Weenie!”  I smiled and nodded.  “Ok. That makes sense.”

My middle son was patiently waiting his turn to answer this delectable question.  I braced myself for something ribald.  Lucca didn’t miss a beat.

“Sandwich!” he declared.

Peals of laughter erupted.  Gotta love a little dose of Lucca to keep it real.


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