Things I Have Learned in the Last Week and a Half.


1.  Reverse engineering the Lego Death Star due to a minute one piece deviation from the instructions requires all of my intellectual faculties, concentration and patience.  And it is best done while Colton is none the wiser (note to self.)

2.  There are few pleasures greater than taking appropriately aged children to Disney World.  When they say its magical they are actually serious.  Magic abounded, and I was grateful to have gone at just this moment in time.


3.  If your seemingly cautious six-year-old decides to suddenly turn brave you best have your husband in tow because they have seriously upped the ante in the roller coaster department. That or I am officially old.  Either or.

4. I am in real trouble when Lucca becomes a teenager.  He is a hilarious, and deeply subversive soul. He also has an innate swagger that does not bode well for Matt and I as his parents. And Colton’s future wife has no idea how lucky she is.

4.5 The way Lucca demarcates something as awesome is by striking a commensurately awesome pose.  Nuff said.


5. I was dead on when I envied my brothers’ relationship throughout my youth.  There is something truly special there.  The highs, the lows, the light saber fights.  There is an intensity between them born only of deep, fraternal love and understanding of unspoken rules of conduct.


6. Matt loves to compete (ok, I knew this).  And he’s good at it (probably knew this too).  And we’re good as partners and CrossFit is a really fun thing to do with your spouse if they love to compete.  You do not need to be good at it to have fun.


7.  Hearing my children chant “MA-MMA, MA-MMA!” can make me do burpies faster than I ever thought possible.


8.  Lucca can get through the longest of waits provided he has an ample supply of guys.

9. Oscar, though undeniably adorable, is actually a tiny terrorist in a diaper. A terrorist who does things like this to his doting, unsuspecting brother.

10. When everyone at Disney calls your little boy “princess” and asks him if he prefers Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty it’s time for a haircut. When your four-year old says he wants “BALD MAMMA!!!” he does not actually mean it. The result, as evidenced by the pose, is awesome.

That is all.


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