Tiny lungs

It was a very long night.  102 temp at bedtime for the 7th night in a row.  Also for the 7th night in a row he vomited up the meds I gave him for the fever and his reflux.  

Oscar was up for most of the night. I gave him his inhaler and did the best I could suctioning his nose and mouth every four hours, and fed him small amounts at 12 and 4:45.  He vomited everything up.

I took him to my pediatrician at 8:30 this morning where he weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz.  That’s up one ounce from yesterday but still down 1/2 lb from Tuesday.  The weight loss is the most concerning symptom of this illness.  The fact that he did not lose more weight is good.  He kept about 4 oz down so far today, but just projectile vomited the 3 oz he took at 10:45 (narrowly, and i mean narrowly missing my gaping mouth).  He’s asleep for now.

The cough is beyond.  It sounds like he has COPD.  I feel so incredibly sorry for this little baby.  He is so very unhappy.

Lucca tried his very best to cheer his baby brother up this morning by ‘reading’ him a story.



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