Miami nights

Compliments are relative.  This is something I must try to remember.  For instance, Colton looked at me tonight as I rushed out of his room to tend to his baby brother and said “Mom!  I like your hairstyle.”  I had thrown on a stretchy yoga headband since I couldn’t unearth a hair tie and Oscar was crying.  “You look like Daphne!”

This is a compliment of the highest order for a true Scooby Doo lover like Colton.  I smiled.

It has been a very tough couple of weeks since I last posted here.  It began with Lucca taking a floor nap which is every bit as weird as it sounds.  “How cute!” I thought to myself, rushing for the camera.  It never occurred to me that the child had a raging temperature of 102.8 and that might be why he felt compelled to crash right there where he was.


He was down with this virus for about four days.  Then it was on to Oscar.  One week ago tonight was the longest of my parenting career.  By long I mean my baby broke and wouldn’t sleep for more than 20 consecutive minutes and only then in my arms.  Matt and I limped through a very long 11 hours with him, wondering what on earth had happened to our mellow, easy going baby.  The 102 temp and ear infection is what happened to him.  Thank god I went against my policy of not bringing Oscar to the Dr unless I think it is imperative because its turns out it was imperative.

Then, Sunday night around midnight I hear the unmistakable CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP of my eldest’s 63 pounds coming down the hallway.  “MOM!!!  I CAN’T BREATHE THROUGH MY NOSE AND YOU CAN DIE FROM THAT!  YOU CAN DIE!!!”  Were I not so tired I might have laughed more at the time.  At the doctor the next day Colton presented with an impressive 104 temp, which he has held on to for three days now.  And oh yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow for the weekend.



I feel very guilty of course, but all mothers do right?  And they are all on the mend now, Lucca is 100% healthy just full of his regular brand of beans.  I really look forward to a weekend with Matt.  He has patiently (ok, not so patiently) waited his turn for my attention for what seems like an eternity.  We need it.  And the boys are in good and capable hands (between Emma, Cortney, Vannette and my dad and Hilda).  There will be a lot of love here and that is all they need.  I need a solid night’s sleep like my life depends on it.  And I am about to get THREE!!!!

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