Grattis Mamma

ImageToday would have been my mom’s 70th birthday.  And oh man what a party we would have had.  See, she loved parties.  And not only throwing them, like I do, but she had the unique ability to truly enjoy them even when she hosted, which can be a real challenge.  I remember the stories of her 40th, when I was 8.  I have recollections of the huge tent being erected on the front lawn, the 10 piece band setting up on risers, and that special excitement that comes when your parents are having a really fancy celebration at home.  I think Michael, Fran and I were there for the early part, but we certainly missed my mom dancing all night and drinking champagne out of her high heels during the wee hours of the morning.  It was an epic night, according to those who were there.  And really anyone who ‘partied’ with Eva remembers it.  She truly understood the meaning of letting your hair down and having fun.  I am so glad to have been raised by parents who valued celebrating, and who went all out for each other.  There was so much to be happy about.

I can only imagine what the festivities would have been tonight. 


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