Oh yeah oh yeah

Oscar did it.  Slept twelve hours last night.  Slept longer than any of his four family members. Naturally I thought he died.  But once I realized he was just sleeping away, I went nuts.  We all cheered for our little guy like maniacs once he did rise and shine.  Amazing stuff.  And now, a mere hour and forty five minutes later, he’s back down for a nap.  Love this guy!

Here he is having a ‘conversation’ with me before bed the other night.  When he is comfortable, he is such a mellow dude.

Colton began his sparring adventures yesterday.  I thought I dodged a bullet when the Dr told us Colton couldn’t play contact sports due to his Von Willebrands Disease.  That meant no hockey gear!  Yeah, well, imagine 15 moms suiting up 15 overly eager 5-8 year olds in this getup and you can see why I dodged nothing.  But Colton’s smiles were worth it.

And Lucca.  Lucca is our own personal terrorist.  In the cutest most absurd way, he has us all on the run.  He ran in to ‘wake up daddy’ today by jumping on his stomach and then showing his daddy his ‘basketball moves.’  Matt recovered, and Lucca ran out.  Five minutes later he  announced his impending return by the tell-tale pitter-patter coming down the hall at light speed.  Matt actually looked scared 🙂  He jumped in the shower as fast as he could, ‘he’s coming back!!” he cried.  Nothing like a 3 year old calling the shots.

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