Ok I am getting over having the kids home all day every day.  Even when I could take them out, its too cold to really enjoy things out of doors, and too germy at the indoor options.  So, to fill the time Colton has been attacking his Lego cache.  He did 2.5 sets today.  Colton with legos is like a fish in water.  Finally there is something that he can build for hours and thoroughly concentrate on.  The fact that he can do them himself makes mom pretty happy too.  Here are the fruits of his labor today.  Amazing stuff for a 5 yo in my biased opinion. Don’t mind his expression, I told him to ‘pose’ so this is what he came up with.  Lucca has his own kiddie Legos, and pretty much just mimics everything Colton does and says these days.  He is absurdly cute and keeps going around telling everyone how “this year I am going to be FO!”

IMG_3046 IMG_3041

I feel like I haven’t mentioned Oscar in a while.  He’s ‘talking’ now, and after a few changes I think we may have arrived at the right feeding regime for him.  He is on Neocate now, a super hypoallergenic formula that is by prescription.  Both Colt and Lucca were on it too, for reflux and milk protein allergy.  I can’t quite believe that all three of them have the same issues but alas that seems to be the case.  It makes sleeping pretty tough, so its worth the effort to get it right and make sure he is as comfortable as possible.  Last time I weighed him, three nights ago, he was a whopping 11 lbs 12 oz.  All his formerly black hair has fallen out and it looks like he will be blond, maybe even strawberry blond.  Big change for us!  In any event, he is adorable as can be, and smiles nonstop.  IMG_3034 IMG_3040

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