Yellow Belt


Today is Colton’s yellow belt test.  To say its a big deal is an understatement.  Three days ago when I went in to get him in the morning he was nowhere to be found.  Finally, after much investigation, I found him sitting on the floor of his closet staring at his Tae Kwon Do outfit.  Studying the colored tape on the belt, each one earned for his highest kick, or toughest punch.  Last night I told him that he needed to get a really good night’s sleep and lo and behold he didn’t emerge until 7:30 this morning (a miracle), and immediately after rising he shut his eyes tightly and proceeded to practice his moves.

For breakfast he requested “eggs, for protein mom” and wore a look on his face like he knew a happy secret that no one else did.

Colton: “Today I am getting my yellow belt!”

Lucca:  “Today I’m getting my FART BELT!!!!”


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