Amazing how quickly you forget what nights with a newborn are like.  Oscar, like his brothers, is a very noisy sleeper.  Oscar actually has the unusual habit of crying in his sleep.  Like hysterically crying and then just stopping, sleeping through it all.  It was enough to make Matt and I mad all night wondering what was wrong with him.  Then when he was finally quiet, I was convinced he wasn’t breathing.  It was a sleepless night for all of us.

He ate at midnight and three, and again at 6.  It was a long night of course, but we have been spoiled with all the help up to this point.  I also realize I can’t use my usual technique of nursing him to sleep in my bed since there are so many complexities with him I don’t know where to begin.  Co-sleeping is out, as is side lying nursing.  So its a lot of up and down.  Again, totally fine.  We’re just out of practice is all.  

As a result of our interminable night, they big boys watched a few shows in our bed this morning while we attempted to regain our composure and sleep a little.  I don’t think we got going until 10:30 with breakfast and the usual morning routines, which is fine.  Life with three is spontaneous to say the least.  There is beauty in going with the flow, and I am embracing it.  I am also embracing the time I will have with Oscar this winter, as he and I hibernate and hide from the germs out in the big bad world.  Maybe I will actually get the baby books done, and knit that sweater meant for Colton as a baby for Oscar.  It will be strange but wonderful in ways I am sure I don’t realize yet.  He is my gift and to get the time to slow down and enjoy him is a good thing.

Soon my dad and Hilda will be here for a visit.  The boys are really looking forward to it, as am I.  Nothing like your Daddy to make things feel comfortable and nurturing.  Check in with you guys tomorrow.

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