Auto Pilot

Not quite autopilot but Oscar is one amazing little kid.  Last night, after getting the go ahead from our pediatrician, Oscar slept from 8 to 12:30am, ate a bottle, and then slept to 6am.  That means he dropped a feed on his own.  Who knows if he’ll do it again tonight, but he is already light years ahead of where I feared he might be with the sleeping.  In the NICU they wake them up every three hours on the nose, so it is common for preemies to maintain that rhythm naturally for much longer than needed.  Thankfully Oscar is a reasonable fellow.  I am grateful.

We are hosting Thanksgiving this year, and Christmas too for that matter.  With not being able to leave the house with Oscar, it is so nice to have family here so we can still celebrate.  There is much to celebrate.  Michael, Chevonne, Presley, my Dad and Hilda will be here with us and it will be terrific.  Casual, and pot luck, but grand nonetheless.  It will be so nice to have company to join us in remembering what we are so thankful for.

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