If there is one thing I am sure of, one thing I have a laser focus on, its that I don’t want to screw these kids up.  I think many mothers feel this pressure to do right by these lumps of clay with their adorable smiles and wide eyes.  I wonder about every choice I make on their behalf, and then I wonder about how many more I will be able to make before they start exercising their free will and demonstrating either that I have done a good job or in fact, screwed them up.  Mostly I wonder how much I can really affect.

I feel pretty good about their school.  Colt and Lucca’s that is.  Today was parents day at TCS.  And it was fine indeed.  Matt came for the first half, and with me beheld the joy in Colton and Lucca’s eyes as they showed us the nuances of their days there.  A few times each day Colt and his brother erupt in the kind of laughter that heals me deep within.  The kind that makes your heart explode and your spirits soar.  Today the laughter, especially for Colt, was omnipresent.  They are happy kids.  They have managed to navigate the waters of a school and make it their own.  As always, we were proud.

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