Snow Day

Well, not exactly.  School was delayed just long enough to afford time for a serious snowball fight between Colton and Lucca.  A war really.  It started outside the back door and made its way back to the playground area before it was time to leave.  This is the first time Colton didn’t drag me out in the snow with him, instead discovering the joys of having a younger brother old enough to hit you in the face with a snowball.  Because then, its on.  It was like watching two great fencers. Instead of foils, they wielded rudimentary snow weapons.  Not quite balls, not mere blocks but something in between.  They stepped forward and back, and back and back (in Lucca’s case) and laughed hysterically.  It was awesome.  I had the most intense sense memory of snow days as a child.  Especially watching Lucca collapse face first into the drifts.  The sheer joy of snow to a child is so simple and true.  They couldn’t get dressed fast enough, even in the 4 layers I made them wear.  I smeared their faces with Nivea cold cream, proving that I have actually turned into my mother.  Man I used to hate when she did that.  But I can’t stop myself now.  I recall endless hours outside with my brothers, building forts, piling up snowballs, making snow angels.  Somehow I thought they showed me all those skills but today it was clear that at least in my boys these abilities are inherent.  They just knew how.

Through it all Oscar slept peacefully in his magic chair (Vannette’s name for the swing, which I am appropriating for all time), none the wiser.  I thought about poor Oscar, getting pummeled by his big brothers who by the time he is ready for playing in the snow will be true expert soldiers.  But then again, I think at least Lucca will be his protector.  Lucca, his most adoring admirer.  He puts me to shame, and that’s saying a lot.  The love Lucca has for this baby is a huge surprise to us all, but it is undeniable.  He is bordering on obsessed with him, and I find myself saying “Lucca, give him some air!” numerous times each day.  What a wonderful outcome for our family.  Lucca was the one who was spared the heartache of Axel, and his love springs forth organically.  Oscar is his little brother, its that simple to him.  He doesn’t know of the prematurity, the loss of another brother, the fear of medical drama.  And I am so grateful for it.

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