Shock and Awe

Oscar and I rolled into Dr Flynn’s office this morning for our weekly weigh in.  My (conservative, designed to prevent disappointment and anxiety) guess was 6 lbs 13 oz.  Last Wednesday at the GI dr he was 6 lbs 9.5 oz.  Vanette guessed an optimistic 7.  No one guessed 7 lbs 7 oz.  SEVEN SEVEN!!!!  14 oz in less than a week.  That’s nearly a whole pound.  I was floating on air.  After all the worry about milk supply, nursing, adding fortifier, pumping, etc etc etc its working.  He’s taking off.

I can’t really even squeeze him into preemie diapers anymore.  I’ve put away several outfits.  He’s getting to be a big boy.

I miss him though.  I have been keeping such a crazy pace with Colton and Lucca this week I have relied heavily on Vanette’s help.  That means I don’t get to spend much time with Oscar, because I can’t just throw him in the car and grab a cuddle when I can.  He is also still quite sleepy so if I am not able to participate in the feed then I pretty much miss interacting with him.  Its weird but temporary.  Once we no longer have a baby nurse around the clock I will get lots of O time and I look forward to it.  Just us. I could smell his little head for eternity and still not get enough.  I think its some genetic coding or something that dictates that would be the most sublime scent in the world to my nose.  It is heavenly.

The big boys had routine days at school today, and once again my hours with Lucca before Colton comes home were lovely.  We just hang out, juice (he adores this task) and watch some shows.   I love how he just pops in and out of the room to tell me something and then run off again.  Three year old Lucca Jones is the best argument for freezing time.  He is so adorable in all ways right now.  I am loathe to watch it fade into sophistication, as it has with Colton.  While I am so proud of him I miss being able to placate him easily.  He is all questions and sass now 🙂


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