Weekend Jam

Weekends are insane around here.  With both big boys in soccer and various social engagements the days become marathons of fun and chaos.  It is exhausting but I love it.  Matt and I no longer have time to argue about who did what and who’s turn it is to do it now, we just have to go.  Act.  Grab him and do it.  Much better although the pace is dizzying.

Today brought another big game for Colton, one where his grandparents were in attendance.  As usual he tried his heart out, and a we all had a great time watching him.  My favorite thing is how he takes a knee when waiting during a substitution, and how Lucca sidles up next to him and cheers his big brother’s teammates along.  Their relationship grows each day and it is so heartening.

In the afternoon we took Colt and Lucca to Magic World, the annual fall fair at their wonderful school, The Childrens School.  They had a ball and I got to see Dr Viscarello, who delivered Oscar.  His daughter goes to the school too, and it was nice to see him under relaxed circumstances and get to thank him sincerely for all he did to bring Oscar safely into my arms.

Our little guy had a great day.  He went to the pediatrician yesterday for this week’s weigh-in.  Six pounds two ounces was the lucky number. I am proud.  That is tremendous gain for a boy who had surgery this week.  They expect them to lose in those settings, but not O.  He also got his second Synagis shot.  I am relieved although the fact that someone seems to hurt Oscar every day is disconcerting for sure.  I just hate to see him cry and writhe.  It hurts me physically.  But as always he was strong as a ox.

Here is some info about Synagis.  It is to help prevent severe RSV, which can kill a preemie.

Although the flu and flu shots get most of the attention in the fall and winter, parents of high risk children shouldn’t forget to consider Synagis shots to prevent RSV infections through the winter RSV season.

While RSV, or the respiratory syncytial virus, may just cause a cold in older children, it can cause a serious and life threatening infection in younger high risk children. These children, including premature babies, can develop bronchiolitis, which is associated with inflammation in the lungs, wheezing and difficulty breathing. RSV can also cause croupear infections, and pneumonia.

Children who are considered high risk for RSV infections and who should get monthly Synagis shots during RSV season, which typically lasts from November through April, include:

1) Infants and children under age 2 years who have required treatment for chronic lung disease, such as oxygen, bronchodilators, diuretics, or steroids, within 6 months of the start of RSV season.

2) Infants born at or before 28 weeks gestation and who are less than 12 months old at the start of RSV season, which means that these preemies will need Synagis for at least one RSV season.

3) Infants born at 29 to before 32 weeks, 0 days gestation and who are less than 6 months old at the start of RSV season.

So Oscar qualifies under the third group and its a good thing because the shots cost about $1500 each and he needs 6.  We are so grateful for good insurance!

Off to dinner with good friends now, such a treat for Matt and I.  Yia yia and Poppy are manning the fort, along with Vannette for Oscar.  We are free as birds!

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