nighty night

Matt just left. With Oscar doing so well and this room being the size of our closet sending him home was the smart move. I will nurse O all night anyway, so one of us should get some sleep after this long day.
He has taken it all in stride, my baby. Just like he does everything. Regardless of the challenge, Oscar just rolls with it. He has barely fussed today other than his hoarse cough and subsequent cries. I fed him at 6:30 and lay him down on his side so Matt and I could eat and he just quietly drifted off to sleep. No swaddle, no nothing. Such a very good and sweet boy. That makes three of them for Team Jones.
If the night goes well then we will be discharged after morning rounds at 6:30. I am eagerly awaiting that moment. I am sick to death of hospitals. So thankful for the doctors and the magic they perform, but let me and this child go home and stay home. Once and for all.
Nighty night everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the prayers, calls, texts, you name it. To feel carried by arms that really care is what gave me the stamina today. Love you for it.


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