Today was a day away.  My day away from it all.  Matt and I went to the Giants game and it was fantastic.  So much fun, such a diversion.  Much needed ahead of our big week.  I dragged my hospital pump to the stadium and pumped in the family restroom to stay on O’s schedule.  The least I could do for my tiny monkey.  I missed him so.  Everywhere we went friends whom we only see annually at best asked “how is Oscar doing??”  Everyone wished us well and promised to pray for us on Tuesday.  It feels wonderful to know that Oscar means something to so many, and that there is a great deal of love surrounding him.ImageImageImageImageImage

Here are in my opinion the most gorgeous photos yet.  Lori came yesterday with the girls and Fran and took them.  They break my heart they are so sweet.  There is no object in these photos against which to measure him.  And therefore you see him as I do. My own personal, beautiful giant.

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