Ok so I am mental.  His appointment is tomorrow not today.  I feel like there is always something I am forgetting lately, like my brain’s capacity to be organized is severely taxed right now.  I pride myself on being on top of the kids’ details.  But now, with nursing O every three hours and not being able to leave the house with him, I feel like each time I turn around I’m snapping my fingers like “damn!  I knew there was something I was supposed to remember!”

Does it get easier?

My plan for number three was compromised.  I was going to just pop him in the car and live our lives.  Nurse as long as it didn’t drive me crazy.  Take it all in stride and truly savor this last baby of ours.  Savoring Oscar is easy, but the rest isn’t happening.  Not yet anyway.  I knew I needed to wait to see what kind of baby I had before I started solving all our problems.  The one we got is perfect, but pretty inflexible so far.  Its not his fault of course.  Its not anyone’s fault (I keep repeating this to myself).  But it sure is making the program tough logistically right now.  I can’t wait until spring when I can take Oscar out and he can be more integrated into our normal routines.  This winter it will be hibernation for both of us.

I resumed my hot yoga practice today and man was it humbling.  For the better part of two years I have been largely unable to exercise.  I have bemoaned this here before.  So 90 minutes of intense Bikram was wonderful but really hard.  And FYI, locust pose when you are nursing is a no no.  A real no no.  Sat that one out.

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