So Fresh and So Clean

Posted Sep 19, 2012 7:27pm

Big day. Huge, big, exciting day.
Amerisa, Oscar’s nurse today and one of my favorites, pulled a fast one. When Dr Rakos did Oscar’s exam this morning right before I fed him, she said “Please please please can we put him in a crib?” It was obvious she put him on the spot. But he agreed. YIPPPEEE!
Oscar had had a great night. I called at 6:05 this morning (while pumping naturally) to check how his bottle feeding at midnight went. Golda said it went great, took about 35 minutes to get him to take the whole thing but that’s fine with me. Its much better for nursing if it does. Apparently, right after I hung up, he vomited, choked on it and needed stimulation to recover. Not great. But it didn’t worry Dr. R too much. He said “Babies spit, and it isn’t uncommon. Overall he is doing so well. Let’s go to every other feed by mouth, and we’ll try the crib.” I was amazed. And that’s how the NICU goes. I was so freaked out when Amerisa said that, and then the next minute I was elated to think that my baby could be one step closer to coming home.
He’s in the crib. I have the photos to prove it. Its even sweeter than I had imagined. He’s that much closer to me. He’s emerged, lustily breathing in air and stretching his limbs. My butterfly.
Now I need to be there for every other feed, which made today interesting schedule wise. But I know we are in the home stretch.
Our visits were dreamy as always. I put him up on my shoulder and let him sleep. Just like I do with my babies.

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