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Posted Sep 7, 2012 7:08pm

Just getting a minute to myself. Today has been a marathon. My new routine is to drop the big boys at school, and head to the hospital. Then, since I can’t really interact with Oscar except for at care times, I pump, read a little, sing/talk to him while he sleeps. and wait for 11 o’clock to come. I change him, temp him, and get set to hold. Today I held him for about 90 min which was great. Then I pumped again and left after about 4 hrs. I do not know how people come and stay for 12-14 hours at a time. I mean I understand of course, and once Oscar is able to be held more easily I think I too will be there more and be more comfortable there. But for now O needs to sleep and grow and eat. And C & L need their mommy too.
My favorite Dr was on again today and I got a lot of my questions answered. Here is what I learned:
1) Lucca can come and see Oscar through the glass panels to the side of the NICU door. This is a big development since as I have shared Lucca can’t quite understand where the baby is. And if he keeps acting like Oscar is still in my stomach I am going to get depressed πŸ˜‰
2) This also means other family members who aren’t able to come in to the NICU can come see him. Not a lot and not too often yet bc it means they will take him off oxygen while they bring him over to the window but at least it can happen
3) We will start trying to nurse and bottle feed sometime over the next week(yay!) It will only be once a day for practice to begin with, and ramp up from there.
4) Oscar got to be on cannula all day today. I am excited to call soon and see how he did. This means we are closer to being done with CPAP. That would be amazing. As a side note this also means he can wear a cuter hat. Incidental but I’ll take it.
5) He may need a couple of doses of Lasix over the next few days as the Dr feels there may be some residual fluid in his lungs. Lasix is a diuretic, and not a big deal. It might be what helps him finally make the jump to only cannula.
So grateful for Yia Yia’s help, she has been manning the big boys and taking them to ice cream and the library so I can pump etc. Its been so nice for them to spend time together, and it relaxes me to know they are with someone who loves them so much.
Spent 1hr and 45 min at the pediatrician’s office and that means I will have to power pump the rest of the night πŸ™ Oh well.
Tomorrow morning Matt and his mom will go to see Oscar for the 8am care. I think it will be nice for them to be there together and spend time with O. More to come…


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