One Week


Posted Aug 28, 2012 4:47pm

Oscar turned a week old today. He had a great night and a terrific morning. His feeds are up to 8cc from 5 yesterday so that’s fantastic. His o2 levels are the best they have been yet and we are heartened. He is back up to 3.6 so we are headed in the right direction. Oscar really only wants to lay on his belly, and they mostly let him since he pitches a complete fit if not given his way.
I brought Colton today, and as usual he was my star. He asked why Oscar likes to lie right under my chin and I told him that he likes to smell Mommy and he said but he can’t mom with the tubies in his nose. I assured him Oscar could smell regardless and that he liked to be with mom just like Colt and Lucca. He accepted this. He was very proud when Courtney (our nurse today) asked him if he had drawn the pictures taped to the outside of Oscar’s isolette. He knows how to wash up (soaps up to his elbows for good measure 🙂 and puts on his yellow smock to protect his brother from germs. He also knows how to run back to the Parents’ Lounge where they have toys and goldfish to eat. He has to go back by himself bc only he is allowed in when Sara, Lucca and he come. He makes me so proud.
Holding Oscar today didn’t go as well as it has. That said, he still goes right to sleep, but he has so much gear on (tubes, IVs, monitors) that sometimes it is hard him to get settled and his o2 levels drop. Its so hard bc in that moment I just want to shush him and rock him like I did his brothers but that doesn’t really work with preemies. At this stage, touch is still difficult for them, and Oscar in particular hates to be moved. I don’t blame him. He is back under the Billi Lights (no big deal) so he has his goggles back on. That plus the CPAP and most of his face is covered. I really can’t wait until we are through this stage and we can feel comfortable holding him and nurturing him the way we (and all parents) know how.
Wanted to say feel free to ask questions here too, I will answer them to the best of my limited but expanding knowledge.
Lots of love,

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