Posted Aug 31, 2012 3:41pm

Not ours of course. But one of the twins across the way from Oscar, as well as his next door neighbor. I was so happy for the parents, and of course wished it was our turn. I haven’t yet gone around and introduced myself to this community of moms, though I know I should. I am always in such a rush to get home to the boys, or to pump, or to whatever and I know it would be so emotional. I will. Sometime soon.
Oscar continues to do well. I got to hold him today again, and his oxygen saturation level was at 100% for much of the time. That’s as good as it gets. Oh, and he spit up all over me for the first time. Sort of a right of passage and it was comforting in its familiarity. His weight is up to 3.8 lbs now and he is up to 20 cc’s per feed. The PIC line comes out tonight as we hoped. He is resting more comfortably and sleeping better between feeds which is great. Matt doesn’t know it yet but tomorrow he can hold him for the first time. Oscar can’t tolerate being taken out of his isolette more than once a day, but Matt has waited for his turn for a week now. It will be great.
So a quiet day, but in a good way. More of the same progress and hard work on O’s part, and I feel like in this second week of life in the NICU I am starting to cut my teeth and figure some things out.
-Pumping at your baby’s bedside is harder than you would think.
-You gain a new paranoia about cleanliness and wash your hands more times than you ever imagined in a 2 hour period
– You definitely need to go to the bathroom before holding your baby, bc once you settle in that’s it. Its your only shot for the day so its unfortunate when its cut short by your bladder
– For the most part the hum of the machines will mask your horrendous singing so as not to embarrass you too much in front of the other families and nurses. Not always true btw.

Oh, and I am obsessed with Oscar’s feet. They are so tiny and I want to squeeze them so badly.

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