Posted Oct 4, 2012 11:03pm

I was so excited to have a late October baby. Ha! Someone had other plans for Oscar and I. But really, this time of year is my favorite of all. And I was so relieved when my Dr said my due date was Nov 1 (we didn’t know when I got pregnant for myriad reasons and so I didn’t know when I was due for a while there) since that meant my C section would be 7 days prior and THAT meant i would have been out of the hospital in time to see Colton and Lucca leave to go trick or treating. Halloween is no small affair in this house, and the thought of missing it really upset me. Little did I know I would miss Lucca’s third birthday because I was on hospital bed rest, but then again I didn’t know a lot about what was in store for little O and I.
Today the big boys and I made our sojourn to the Halloween store to pick out some more decor (we add some each year) and choose costumes. You are the first to know that Matt will be a Navy Seal this year. Not even Matt knows that! But I couldn’t resist. It is by far one of my favorite experiences annually to decide with the kids what they will be this year. I never thought I would be one of those people who by the plastic skeletons from store that peddle such wares but here I am. If you could see my front hall, VERY POOOKY as lucca would say. They both chose Ninja this year. Colt to be specific is a zombie ninja (key detail) and Lucca is just a crazy three year old meat cleaver wielding ninja. That was his weapon of choice, and so it was.
Matt took me to dinner tonight, and friends of ours happened to come in to the restaurant shortly after we sat down. With them they had their 5 week old baby, and both Matt and I realized that he looked to be about three times Oscar’s size. Little Oscar. He is so very sweet and feisty. I can’t wait to tell him all these stories of the lifetime we have already lived he and I. And I know I will spoil him, we will spoil him. Rotten. Because he is such a little fighter and it makes me want to celebrate him. Over celebrate, if that could be a justification for indulging your child.
Tomorrow morning at 8 am is our next weigh in. I am anxious. I will say extra prayers tonight for my little burrito.

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