Early Bird

Posted Sep 22, 2012 12:46pm

I’m going to write early today. Before my marathon visit this afternoon. They have changed Oscar’s schedule again. Now he takes 6 out of 8 feeds a day by mouth. That means I can nurse as much as I can/want to. Thing is, the two times a day I was going was sort of as much as I can. But today I will go back from 3-6:15/30 then come home to put the boys to bed. How can I not? This is the final push and he nurses better than he bottle feeds so I will be there for him.
This morning at the 6am feed Oscar didn’t finish his bottle in the allotted time. That meant Della his nurse put the remaining 15 cc’s in his feeding tube. I was not pleased. In order for Oscar to come home he needs to not require a feeding tube for two days while gaining weight. I pleaded my case to the Dr on call this morning. My point to her was that when Oscar nurses we don’t supplement him afterwards. Meaning, we don’t know how much he takes other than deciding that he’s sated and putting him back in his crib. By that thinking I felt that he doesn’t NEED to have the last bit of his bottle force fed to him. Or does he? That was my question. The Dr said that it might be better to continue doing that for a few days if he doesn’t finish here or there in order to maintain his weight, and then for the last two days he’s there have me come for 12 hours and just nurse straight through while we weigh him before and after feeds to be certain he’s getting enough. I said, ok I would consider this plan. Fortunately, I am still the mom here, and the hospital is great about taking my opinions seriously and factoring them into Oscar’s care. I am so glad that I have cut my teeth as a mom long ago and can speak up for him. If you saw the young, first time moms in the NICU who are so intimidated by the whole experience and nervous about their babies’ care, you too would feel pangs of sympathy. I would have been the same way back then. But I always wonder how they manage once the babies are home…preemies are harder than full term babies. Every little detail counts.
Colt scored another big goal at soccer today, which was awesome. He has a sort of swagger when he scores. Its pretty absurd and funny. I love watching Matt coaching him, it really is the realization of my fantasy of having kids with Matt times ten. He so proud, Colt is so proud. Its amazing.
In less positive news, I’m sick. Like wish I could stay in bed under the covers all day sick. No fever but so run down. I asked the nurses what I should do, and they said come. As long as you’re up to it, come. I give him antibodies via nursing so it isn’t dangerous like if Colt came to visit him sick. Perfect time to need to be there more though 🙁
I’m ok as long as I have my coffee in the morning and don’t sit down too long. Final push…

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