Day of Firsts



Posted Sep 4, 2012 4:48pm

Today was the big boys first day of school. Well, its still a phase-in schedule but nonetheless it felt momentous. Lucca was a little hesitant this morning when I asked him if was ready to go to school with his brother. He replied, “No, I just want to do nothing” in his adorable three year old voice. Colt was rearing to go and told Lucca he would show him the ropes. Very sweet indeed. They chose matching backpacks and went through the doors holding hands. I am so glad I was able to be there for this one. One of the best memories will be when we picked them up, they came out together except that Colton was holding all of this things as well as Lucca’s backpack for him so he could hold the teacher’s hand. He’s got the big brother gig down pat. Again, I am proud.
Another big first today for our small fry. When I got to the NICU for the 2pm care (hospital shorthand for the diapering, temping, and feeding that occurs every three hours) , Sally told me that he was dressed and swaddled. DRESSED AND SWADDLED??!! I can’t tell you how long the two week wait to see Oscar dressed and swaddled has felt. It is one shade closer to ‘normal.’ And it was a beautiful sight to these eyes. He was so content. Now I can bring the 6 inch tall stack of 8 or 9 preemie sized onesies I have purchased for him. They are minuscule and I can’t believe they will fit him but they will. Oscar also met his grandmother for the first time today, and we both beamed looking at this handsome fellow in his whale print onesie.
Oscar is two weeks old today. He is cycling off the CPAP every six hours. Today he did 9 but the Dr felt it was a little fast. So his breathing is coming along well. The one thing we are focused on right now is that fact that he’s not gaining weight. This can be from burning more calories due to working harder on the O2 cannula than the CPAP which does more of the work for him. He is taking increasing amounts of breastmilk (up to 32 ccs per feed right now) but still, he’s only back to his birth weight. There are milestones one must reach prior to discharge, one is breathing well, one is gaining weight. There are many and they vary for each baby, but these will be Oscar’s. The Dr started him on Human Milk Fortifier today to increase his calories per feed. She said we would see a difference within a couple of days. I look forward to that.
Off to pack Oscar’s wardrobe. Just kidding, I can fit all his clothes in one hand but still, its exciting.

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