Daddy and Me

Posted Sep 1, 2012 4:43pm

Today was a new kind of visit. We arrived (Matt and I) and I quickly got about pumping. Naturally, that is the exact moment the Head of Neonatal Medicine decides to stop in for a quick check on Oscar. Standard murphy’s law for the NICU. Dr Rakos is amazing, and he is the Dr who was at Oscar’s delivery. He was very pleased with our little one, and in all regards said he was doing well. The main issue as I have mentioned is the inflammation/irritation in his lungs. The Dr explained this phase of Oscar’s maturation like walking up the down escalator. Meaning, all the stuff they are doing to help Oscar breathe irritates his lungs in the process. So healing them isn’t a linear progression but comes slowly and unpredictably. All totally expected. Still hate it though.
The CPAP is now on its lowest setting, 5. And it is administering only room air to Oscar. That is a great sign, because he isn’t needing extra oxygen. His feeds are up to 20ccs which is starting to look like a lot compared to the 1/2 teaspoon he started at. The PIC line is out and he is only on milk feeds now. He lost a little weight overnight but that is common from taking out the PIC line, they told us.
Now for the best part. Matt held him. And changed him, and took his temp. He commented on how incredibly tiny Oscar’s tushy is. And it really is about two inches wide. So little.
See the photos. As usual Matt is a natural at soothing newborns, he always has had a way with our boys when they are brand new. Oscar is no different. He hit the 100% oxygen saturation level in short order and stayed there the whole time. It was awesome.

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