Posted Sep 3, 2012 1:57pm

Another really good day for Oscar. This morning, as I went to reach for the phone to call the NICU for the update, it rang. “Stamford Hospital” the caller ID read out. My heart stopped. They never call. I nervously answered the phone and asked if everything was ok. The Dr responded, “Yes, I am just calling to give you an update on Oscar.” She elaborated by saying that he had done so well on the cannula for 3 hrs yesterday that today they were going to give him 6 hours on it. That is amazing. He also is only getting room air, not pressurized air so that’s a good indication that he can do it. Different Drs have different opinions on this ‘cycling down’ from the CPAP, and Summer our nurse today (love her) said don’t be surprised if the Dr on tomorrow feels different. It isn’t a perfect science. But I was thrilled to get to see my little man’s face much better than we have, and to hold him while he was so happy about things. I wised up and brought a button down shirt for Kangaroo Care today, so Oscar could really settle in. He did just that and went right to sleep after his feed. They feed the babies in the NICU when you are holding them (if you are at that point) so they associate feeds with their mothers and fathers. Its a really nice experience for us both. The cutest thing was that Oscar sneezed a lot, probably from the O2 cannula, but it was the tiniest, cutest sound. He also rooted a little, which is a good sign for eventual nursing (which I sincerely pray happens because this pumping schedule on top of trying to nurse, bottle feed, and settle Oscar will do me in I fear) Many preemies can’t nurse very well, and since it is so delayed they can have trouble learning the skill. We will try our best. Fingers crossed.
Gail, Matt’s mom, arrived yesterday. We are very happy she is here. Pictures of Yia Yia with Oscar coming soon.


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