Posted Sep 13, 2012 7:05pm

I swear Oscar is getting some. Well, he is almost 4 pounds after all. 3 lbs 15.3 oz to be exact. That feels great. Its also funny since we used to always say that Colton had 3 lbs of cheeks which was probably pretty accurate. But nonetheless, Oscar’s are coming in, whatever they weigh.
It seems Oscar saves his dramatic moments for mom. I got there today and within the first five minutes he threw up and Brady’d.

Bradycardia: A slower than normal heart rhythm. In newborns, a heart rate is termed bradycardia if it falls below 100 beats per minute in a baby less than 1250 g (2 lb 12 oz) or to less than 80 beats per minute in a bigger baby. Bradycardia is often associated with apnea of prematurity, and when apnea and bradycardia come together they are often called “As and Bs.” When babies are in the NICU, their hearts are monitored, and episodes of bradycardia are treated with stimulation. If bradycardia continues, medications such as caffeine may be used to treat the condition.

It only lasted a second and it was due to the vomiting which was due to the reflux but still. He has only ever done this twice before. Its not ‘his thing.” I am still shaking in my boots from yesterday! I was nervous, or more nervous I should say, to nurse him. Was he ready? Would he brady again? Would he desat? All of these things were possible. Some might say probable. But guess what?
He didn’t.
He was awesome. He latched on and tired his hardest to nurse. That meant two or three swallows and then he was out like a light. He would wake up and repeat the cycle. We continued for about 10 minutes. I was amazed at him. He has two tubes in his right nostril and one in his left (the cannula and the feeding tube) It is a lot of work for these small fries. But the nurse, lactation consultant, and doctor all said it went better than they could have ever hoped. So maybe this will be our thing. Maybe Oscar and I can have this relationship, one which has been very special to me with Colton and Lucca. Even if we don’t, its fine. I just want him home. Today, after nursing his hardest, taking the rest of his feed by tube, and falling deeply asleep, Oscar felt so much like my little newborn that I just wanted to whisk him out of there and take him home. It is the strangest sensation to think “I couldn’t do that!” But I can’t. I really want to but I can’t. I want to even though he turned blue just yesterday and brady’d today. Its just primal I guess.
Over the next week we will figure out the reflux issue. We will ascertain what fixes it for Oscar, and we will implement a plan. We are betting it will make all the difference for him. And then, maybe the end will be in sight.

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