The Oscar Diaries Day One

I think I will transpose the earlier posts here…

They are my springboard after all. I want to stay true to them and the place this started.  With Oscar.

Here is the first:

Welcome: Aug 26th update

Posted Aug 26, 2012 2:59pm

I was released yesterday, and it was so great to get home to Colt and Lucca after being away so long. At the same time it was heartbreak leaving Oscar behind. We went to see him today and for the second time I got to hold him. We are doing what is called K-care or Kangaroo Care, which means holding him skin to skin for as long a possible. He goes right to sleep on my chest and its the best feeling.
Oscar got his first breastmilk feed yesterday. It goes in through a feeding tube, and as of today he has been digesting all 2-3 cc’s he gets. That is awesome. Feeds at this point aren’t as much about calories as they are about reminding their stomachs what they are meant to do. They are not supposed to be using their stomachs at this point of gestation, so its a big deal for it to go smoothly. We are excited.
He is still on CPAP which is expected. It helps him breathe and he’s doing great on it.
In general he is doing really well. He has lost some weight but its expected as his body gets rid of all the fluid in his lungs. It is a step in the right direction. I get to take his temp and change his (TINY) diaper when I go. Its a little nerve wracking despite being a three time mom. This is different all together but I am getting the hang of it.

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