Posted Aug 29, 2012 2:35pm

Got home a little while ago. Oscar had a great night overnight but his breathing today was erratic. He’s ok, and its not unexpected. But still…
I didn’t get to hold him today and that makes the visits much harder as I don’t feel like I can do anything for him. I did temp and change him as always, and the top of his isolette was raised for a lot of the time since he was hot (skin temp, not like a fever hot) so I got to be close to him in that way. He is still on the same setting for the CPAP which is good, but they have had to go up on his oxygen at times over the last 24 hrs. Again, not out of the ordinary, but it feels like a setback.
One of the most common things that faces preemies is difficulty breathing. For the first week its called RDS (respiratory distress syndrome) and Oscar had it. That is why the first week is such a tough one, bc they have ups and downs with RDS. Oscar was intubated for a few days and then went back to CPAP. Now, he is dealing with BPD. Here is a definition:

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), or chronic lung disease, is a common lung problem among preemies, especially those weighing less than 1,000 grams (2.2 pounds) at birth. The exact mechanism for this disease is still unclear, but extreme prematurity, severe RDS, infections before and after birth, and the prolonged use of oxygen and/or a ventilator needed to treat a lung disease all play a major role in the development of BPD.

The Dr hopes it will resolve on its own by 34-36 weeks. But it can mean that they stay on CPAP longer, or need oxygen when they come home. We are really hoping neither is the case. The test I mentioned before was negative, and we are so relieved about it. That is really great news.

So all in all, O is still doing well. He is working so hard at growing and getting bigger. I am so proud of him. The Dr said today that the treatment for BPD is growing and gaining. He is taking 10cc’s at every feed now and it goes right down and he digests it all. He is pooping well, and the Dr said he hopes that at this rate Oscar will be off the IV nutrition (which they now balance with the breastmilk feeds) in two days. That will also mean that his PIC line comes out (like a central line, instead of an IV in his arm say).

The other main concern at all times is infection, as they are devastating to preemies. That is why Oscar can only have the 6 people we have designated come visit, and why we scrub ourselves raw and wear gowns when spending time with him.

I am home now chilling with Colt. A little transformers and some oreos. It is good to be with my big boys, and remember how quickly the time really does go with kids. I just wish this time would go a little faster and Oscar was home with us. Hope you like the new photo…


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