Big Boys

Posted Sep 2, 2012 3:47pm

One of my favorite things about the big boys living in the same room is spying on them and eavesdropping on their conversations. Even at 5am as was the case this morning. Lucca was up crying (think he’s getting sick) and Colt woke up and began to sing him Twinkle Twinkle to try to help him go back to sleep. I never imagined having three boys when I pictured having children someday. What a privilege it is to be privy to this part of a boy’s life. To see their soft underbellies and encourage their kindness to one another. I am proud.
After piling in our bed all together as we always do on Sundays, I chose the ‘family movie’ and Matt and I did our best to pass out again. We had plans to go to church, but didn’t quite realize that it was still summer schedule until 15 minutes before the service was to begin. Needless to say we were late. But I was so glad we made it as the congregation said a special prayer for Oscar. It was lovely to hear his name and Colt especially loved it. He takes the prayers very seriously and closes his eyes very very tightly occasionally peeking to see if its over. He kept opening one eye and asking if he had missed Oscar’s prayer. Then he heard his little brother’s name and he lit up. I was very happy we made it. It was nice to see our Pastor, who has been so supportive of us through our trials of the last 18 months. Good, quality family time.
Once we settled into breakfast at the creperie (highly recommended) I realized I hadn’t called the NICU yet. Very odd for me. I jumped up, called, and got the best update yet. The Dr today felt that Oscar could be ‘cycled off’ the CPAP for three hours to see how he did. That means putting him on an oxygen cannula which you may have had yourself at one time or another. She also said that he after only gaining 4 grams each of the last two nights, they wanted to either fortify or increase his feeds again. The Dr added (and this was timely) that she felt strongly that the reason he was tolerating his feeds so well was because he was only getting breastmilk. I needed that one. And I even added a pumping session today. I can do it! 😉
I took the day off from the hospital. I needed it and Matt went to hold Oscar. I was so jealous though because I wanted to see him without his giant CPAP thingie on his face and also to experience him being more comfortable. But I was glad Matt went. My big boys need me, and I need a break from the NICU. The only way that could or would happen is if Matt went in my stead. So I was thankful for that.
They had a great visit by all accounts. Oscar nestled in and hit 100 again this time with only room air through the cannula. Amazing stuff. Today it feels like we will get through this. I mean I know we will regardless, but today it occurs to me that we, our little family of men and me, will persevere and this will be a journal to look back on one happy day very soon. Oscar is leading the way.


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