Bathtime Part Two

Posted Sep 21, 2012 10:47pm

I am sitting here thinking about how I can’t even remember this morning’s visit with Oscar. Isn’t that nuts? The visits all blend into another sometimes, and that’s a good thing because it takes something bad to demarcate one from the other. So all the happy ones fade together. Today was happy (from what I recall).
Oscar’s morning visit was uneventful, and in the afternoon I went early to give him his bath. It was my first time. All things considered it went smoothly. He nursed well afterwards and went right down to sleep. I left quickly after pumping to race over to see what little I could of Colton’s first tennis clinic of the season. It was well worth it when I saw the smile on his face upon realizing I was there.
I just called to check on Oscar tonight. The key is to call after 9 pm as that is when they weigh him.
He’s up 57 grams tonight. 57! That means he’s 4 lbs 10oz+. The big leagues. His temps are stable, and he ate his bottle in 20 minutes. Things are looking good. I can feel it. He’s really almost home now. Tiny Oscar, here with us. I am so very very excited.


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