Baby Steps

ImageMy introductory post.  Born of a desire to celebrate.

I hope this stays mostly celebratory.  I hope that the future brings so many happy, funny, quiet, silly, intimate moments that I can barely remember the intensity of the last 7 weeks.  The transfusions, the respirator.  The CPAP machine and all the other acronyms I thought sounded crazy but became second nature during my crash course in the neonatal intensive case unit’s vernacular.

My boys are good.  Great even.  Well, except Lucca who is 1) obsessed with Oscar and 2) sick as a dog.  You know Lucca is sick when he stops running everywhere and instead walks.  That’s not Lucca.  He still manages to be happy go lucky, but with less pizzazz and decidedly less color.  This presents a problem as you can imagine.  I am trying my hardest not to make Lucca feel shunned or excluded.  I think I am overdoing it to some extent since he pretty much sleeps in our bed since O came home and that is most certainly not the norm for him.  I secretly love it.  (Matt is going to come down on me for that one!)  Its like Oscar has accessed hidden stores of affection in an already affectionate child.  He crawls in bed and says “Mom, I scaaaawd of the night” and nestles in next to me putting one ravioli hand on my cheek.  He drifts off like that.  Neither Matt nor I sleep very much when he is with us, but I know this won’t last long in the scheme of things.  And he’s just so sweet.

I have managed to keep him to mere dancing for Oscar so he feels part of things today.  Its pretty hilarious.

Oscar is doing great.  He has outgrown ANOTHER outfit, yee haw!  His reflux is acting up so I think we need to up his dose of medication a bit.  Going to talk to the pediatrician about that today.  Otherwise he is more alert each day, and he really yells now when he is hungry.  I never realized that he had been pretty quiet up until now.  Then he started complaining and the difference was  LOUD!

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