Posted Sep 9, 2012 10:16pm

That is how old my father turned today. And as I said to him in his card, if I had 86 years it still wouldn’t be enough time to thank him for being the most incredible dad in the world. I wouldn’t make it through this without him and his support. He has been there for everything, always. More vivacious and selfless than anyone else I have met. We are so so lucky to have him. Today, he came and held Oscar for the first time. I struggled to hide the tears in my eyes as my wise, wonderful father held his youngest, and fifth, grandchild. I realized that little Oscar has this man’s blood in his veins. And maybe that’s where he gets his fight from.
Oscar is well. He went back on the cannula today for much of the day, but it wasn’t a shock and the Dr warned us that it would go like this. He just needed a tiny bit of oxygen (21% and 1 liter) which is room air. It appears that he has reflux, which I may have mentioned is really common for preemies and also runs in our family as both Colt and Lucca had it. So during his feeds every three hours, Oscar desats (the oxygen levels in his blood decrease) and that is when he needs the help from the cannula. This is a good thing to figure out early in the game. With my first two, it took months of misery and sleeplessness to diagnose them and once we did it was pretty smooth sailing. The NICU provides so much incredible detail on YOUR baby. Every little thing is monitored and recorded. So I look at that as a positive. Oscar is being studied, and I get the report. So far, its looking good.

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