8 weeks

Oscar is 8 weeks old today.  He is going tomorrow for his 2 month wellbaby visit which will include the highlight of another weigh in and the low point of a round of vaccines.  No one likes to see their baby suffer, but with Oscar he’s already had a lifetime’s worth of pain and suffering so I am especially hesitant about that aspect of tomorrow’s visit.  I really hope he’s gained well.  He is acting a little fussier between meals now, and I wonder immediately about my supply and how much he’s getting.  It seems good to me but he does get tired during feeds and then wakes mid cycle.  We are going to try topping him off with an ounce of expressed breastmilk after the feeds today.  I know this hurts my supply even more unless I pump in kind.  I am loathe to do this.  More pumping= unhappy Amy.  I will see how it goes tonight and then decide tomorrow how to manage things.

Lucca has been home sick for two days.  Well, today he could easily have gone to school but I wanted to be safe.  He was bouncing off the walls all day of course, and bedtime has taken on an Armageddon like quality.  I am starting to dread it.  I am stuck in the vortex of thinking I have been too absent in his life and letting him get away with murder.  The tantrums of a three year old are epic.  I have no idea why people say ‘terrible twos’ when three year olds are SO much harder to deal with when they are in a contrary way.  Which Lucca is most of the time.

In happier news I took Sophie (my niece) for her first official mani/pedi.  She adored it and it was equally fun for me.  Her eyes lit up when they turned the whirlpool on.  They offered her a shoulder massage as we dried our nails and she happily accepted.  It was awesome to be part of it with her, and I foresee many more such afternoons to come.

I will chime in tomorrow with the update from Oscar’s appointment.  Fingers are crossed for a smooth experience.  Hell if he can brave a transfusion and no food for 14 hours he can manage a few vaccines, right?  Man, I pray I am right.

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