Posted Sep 28, 2012 2:29pm

Dr Rakos said tomorrow. Tomorrow. Like Saturday. Less than 24 hours from now tomorrow. He’s coming home tomorrow.
I am in a tailspin. What do I need to get ready? What have I not done yet? With all this waiting it seems I’ve done nearly nothing about getting ready for this moment. Just daydreamed and pondered and wished and hoped but did no practical business at all. Ok some. You know me. But I know there are 1000000 things left. But really there is nothing I can do but turn the ignition and go get him. I’m a mom. I’m his mother and I do know him better than anyone. Right? Tell me I’m right.
I am atwitter. Have to grab Lucca, go get Colt, pick up Oscar’s prevacid from the compounding pharmacy, stop by the Halloween store which I promised when Colton said last night “mom, I didn’t see you ALL DAY again today.” Then Colton’s tennis then home then figure out where Oscar is going to sleep. Love you, gotta go.


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