5 Weeks

Posted Sep 25, 2012 4:37pm

That’s how long Oscar’s been here today. Its also how long we have been ‘living’ in the NICU. I am ready for it to be over.
Oscar is doing great. The transfusion was smooth, and would you believe the little man hardly cried all night? He just sucked pacifier like it was his job and got through it. I am so proud of his strength.
This morning I raced over to feed him. His hematocrit was up to 41,and he had only lost 8 grams. That is great considering they give a diuretic after the transfusion since it tends to bloat them. I arrived and he was pink and ready to go. The nurse said he might not feed too well for the 9am since he had been administered fluids all night on the IV and he might be sleepy. Ha. Oscar went at it for 24 straight minutes. He came off and put himself back on. He ran the show. Big burp, and passed out. I think if its possible I felt even more satisfaction than he did.
I pumped, then settled myself in my room to do paperwork. I got so much done,and it was a nice change to make use of the time Oscar sleeps. I went back for the noontime feed and Sunan arrived shortly thereafter to hold Oscar. That is her routine and I am so grateful. This time I needed to pump again so we chatted. It is immensely helpful to have company and breaks from the gravity of the hospital. Yesterday Molly came to pick me up for a quick lunch in Stamford. It was like a shot in the arm. I felt so much better after seeing my good friend, and so lucky to have her and all the people who are doing so much for our family right now. It is a humbling experience to be on the receiving end of so much kindness and generosity. I don’t know how we would make it through this without it. When I get home from the hospital to a meal that a friend dropped off I truly get teary. I realize in those moments how tired I really am, and how much it helps to have a nice meal for Matt and I and the boys. So here’s a thank you. For reading, posting, texting, calling, all of it. I will say it many times, but each time is sincere. Thank you.
The nurses were asking questions of the sort you ask a mom of a baby getting ready to go home today. They are prepping me for situations I might find myself in once he gets here. It feels so exciting. And insane on the heels of yesterday’s dramatics. The roller coaster ride analogy is apt. I’m sure as a reader it seems very up and down. And it is. Today was up and now I am finally home. Pumping and about to grab Lucca and head over to get Colton from a playdate at Jen’s. One more day in the NICU down. Not too many to go.

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