32 weeks

Posted Sep 6, 2012 6:36pm

Yep, that’s how far along we would have been today. And its a big day since sometime this week they will let me try to nurse Oscar. Each ‘normal’ thing that happens helps to make this feel more like I have a new baby and we are chugging along through the first weeks of life on the outside. He won’t nurse for nutrition at this point, just to practice latching. I look forward to it.
When I arrived today Oscar was wearing his heathered navy long sleeve onesie. It is the tiniest thing you have ever seen and yet its still big on O. He looked very handsome. I pumped, changed him, temped him, and put on my kangaroo care shirt. Its not a great look (not sure any button down is two weeks postpartum when you are nursing) but its work attire at this point. Oscar settled in and had his meal as I held him. He chilled, I read my book. We have our rhythm.
He gained another 38 grams. He weighs 3 lbs 99 oz right now. That’s up a lot and its great news. He is on the nasal cannula for 9 hours and CPAP for 3, and then they repeat.
On the way home from the hospital I stopped for a mani/pedi. Such a treat, and Molly came to keep me company. It felt like old times and it felt like at some point I will put myself back together. That will be nice indeed. I feel so utilitarian right now, like a vessel to feed and warm Oscar. But not pretty or relaxed or anything that comes later. That’s not for right now, and I get it. But to have a little slice at the nail salon was really nice.
Poor Lucca is pretty sick, taking him to the Dr tomorrow to make sure it isn’t an ear infection. He is clingy as well, and I am fine with that. I need him too.
Matt and I are headed out to dinner. A day for treats 🙂


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